The covid-19 parliative I gave is not because I am a big boy - C&C Nigerian Hipup singer

A Nigerian Hipup singer C&C has cleared the air on the nature of the covid-19 parliative which he recently have through his Instagram page, describing it as a gesture of his love in sharing with people and not display of weath as some people have rumored in some quarters . In an interview granted to skillHub and Newspage Correspondents, the singer explained that no condition has ever been permanent and so expressed optimism that the situation will soon come to an end.
He went further to advise the masses to observe the necessary requirements by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control , NCDC even as he is cooking up a new musical jam to drop soon.
His interview is shown bellow.

How do you manage your fans in this lockdown period?
I  try communicating with them and also dropping some freestyles  for them. Because I know that the condition might be boring.

And to you as an artiste how are you affected by the lockdown? 
I see  this lockdown as an opportunity to drop a new song titled (Coro) and also it's an advantage to write down some beautiful new songs which will be droping soon. But on the other hand the lockdown has stopped us  from going to shows and some other activities. 
What should the fans expect after the lockdown?
Let them get ready for  a mad jam from me and i promise to make it up to them 
Recently you were reported giving some parliatives to your fans through your IG page what's inspired you?
Well I gave my fans Corona virus parliatives not because am a big boy or because i have the money. It's just because i have a heart of giving once i have, no matter how small I can give.
For brands wishing to endorse you what should they expect?
Well, I'm  affordable for the right people.
That reminds me, recently Bobrisky reportedly said that his six months deal is as cheap as 6million naira. What's your take on that? 
 My dear please, I have anything to do with a confusion or a confused person It's her own  - sorry i mean his Own Cup of tea .I don't even know weather he is a man or a woman.
Your piece of advice.
My advice to my fans and als
Hi everybody is that they  should obey the things government said they  
Should do to avoid the pandemic.
I still believe that what has a begining must surely have an end. Thanks

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