Nollywood heavy Talent Jagwa J Arinze chronicles his journey in the world's 2nd largest Movie Industry

In a recent chat with Newspage correspondent, the fast rising star beams light on his experiences, achievements and expectations in the stardom.

Please go on and introduce yourself to our audience.

My names is Chukwu Emmanuel Arinze, popularly known as (jagwa j Arinze) I'm from nkanu east LGA in Enugu state Nigeria

When did you venture into the Nollywood industry?

I ventured into nollywood industry in the year 2016. It's not really been long. But I thank God for the journey so far.

Which role do crave for in particular, in other words are there roles you prefer to the others?

The role that I craved in particular is (Native Doctor) but honestly I'm not selective when it come to roles. I don't reject any role.

Recently you were spotted on set of the VUPs Movie Iwe , we learnt you were billed as a native doctor in the film. What were your major challenges with role and how did you overcome them?

My major challenges with role every role is always based on how to assimilate the character which I know I'm not in actual sense. But I do overcome them by practicing on my own, acting with my mirror, checking my actions and speech before coming to the set.

There is this notion that roles people play on the screen wield influence on them later, do you believe that school of thought ?

To a great extent that is far from the truth. As for me, I do not believe in that school of thought saying that the role people play in a movie or screen can wield influence on them because any thing we do or say on a movie set must be taken as a joke or play 

Judging your role in that home movie, it's the kind of role that average Nigerian Youth would fine too way technical, how did you manage to prepare for the role?

I managed to prepare for the role by understanding what the story is all about and by asking question as well.

Is there any lesson your character could teach the viewers?

My character could teach the viewers a lot of things, such as knowing the traditions and many others, especially the existence of the supreme being.

How easy is film Making in Nigeria especially within this period of pandemic?

Pandemic or no pandemic, in Nigeria film making has never been easy most especially for we the up comers.

Who is your role model?

My role model is Mr Clemson Conrnel a.k.a(AGBOGIDI)

What are the common mistakes upcomers make in the industry and how would you advice them on that?

The most common mistake we the up coming always make is meeting the wrong people in the game, I advice them to try and know who is fake and who is real before approaching any one to carry you along.

Apart from acting do you do any other crew work?

I still do some other things apart from film making. I compose and voice sound tracks too.

 Your advice to your fans.

My advice to my fans is that they should identify their talents on time, work harder to norture it. They should avoid imitation because instead of helping it will rather stress them out. Above all they should remain blessed.


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