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VUPs Movies . 
This is VUPs (Vincent Ucheibe Productions) an academy that trains and stars , Actresses, Actors, Comedians, Show comperes, Script Writers, Editors, Cinematographers etc.
It is an Organisation Founded and Nurtured by God Through a Nigerian Journalist and Film-making Wizard, Vincent Ucheibe.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to produce new generational thespians for the booming creative industry capable of facing the global competition. Also making it very easy for aspiring stars to find their ways into the stardom. Above all promoting our artists and creative people through rapid public relations.

Our Mission: 
Through multi-media Journalism, we intend making stars within the period of one month or less than one month through our news channels, skillhub and
vups and through partnership with news platforms like

Therefore feel free to interact with us by sharing your own creative contents, movies,skits etc.  Powered by 

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